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Powerful Mouse Gesture Gallery

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.ai, .eps, .psd, .zip and examples (html, js)
Powerful Mouse Gesture Gallery hardcast.de

Powerful Mouse Gesture Gallery


  • simple design, easy to understand, yet very powerful and interesting;
  • modular design, drag and drop: the .fla has a folder with all the movieclips needed. Simply copy that to your project and add the Gallery symbol to the stage;
  • settings and images loaded via xml;
  • behaves well even for a big number of images;
  • resizeable; you also may choose the way it will be resized. If you keep the gallery inside another swf with, let’s say, a menu, you wouldn’t want the gallery to fill the entire stage (and thus not see the menu anymore) when the stage is resized;
  • mouse gestures also available in buttons, for those who are lazier :);
  • color themes available via xml;
  • consistent explanations;
  • pan option: set to true from the XML file if you want the image to move so as the region you zoomed in or out to move to the center of the screen;
  • The thumbs are created with a movie clip entitled MCLoader. It’s independent and can be used in other projects, provided that you change the function used for the Click action (obviously, instructions are provided inside the Actionscript);
  • The package contains 2 bonus XML files with other color themes and a preloader you can use for your other projects, for FREE.

Description for the preloader:

  • drag and drop: the file contains only one movieclip. Simply drag it to a frame before the content to be loaded and you’re done. You don’t even have to add a stop() action;
  • options include number of lines to use, line width and height, border color and thickness;
  • random_colors option lets you choose between random colors and a theme provided by you in the xml nodes;
  • vertical option lets you choose between vertical and horizontal positioning;
  • units option: choose to change the basic 100% (100 units) measuring system;
  • consistent explanations.

Other files:


Powerful Mouse Gesture Gallery!


Cheers, exquisite.

Background texture is found for free on freebackgrounds.com

Tags: mouse, gesture, dynamic, powerful, simple, minimalist, dark, professional, gallery, image, resizable, maze, thumbs, lightweight.

  » Demo & Download file here «
.ai, .eps, .psd, .zip and examples (html, js)
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    Tower Cranes
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    Blue background.
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POWERFUL MOUSE GESTURE GALLERYFeaturessimple design, easy to understand, yet very powerful and interesting;modular design, drag and drop: the .fla has flash - image viewers - image galleries
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hardcast items 10 00 02 53 24 livepreview jpg
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